Mi todo por Puerto Rico!

mi todo por puerto rico my everything for puerto rico

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A gentle stranger

".... Never did I  think, such kindness and support; driven by pure encouragement; would be delivered unto me from the hands of a gentle stranger..." -FS Sometimes with nothing more than a smile, a caring look, a compassionate sign can mean so much to a person who needs, but cannot bring themselves to seek help or even council. So,… Continue reading A gentle stranger

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Her Vale

As they place the vale over her head, she smiles, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror she stops. People surrounding her smile, laugh and stair upon the face with a warm embrace. Such beauty which to them could never be surpassed. A room full of joy, love and laughs, she stops. A smile fades, the… Continue reading Her Vale

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I sit, I wonder, and sometimes I ponder.

I sit, I wonder, and sometimes I ponder on how he must feel, every time I lay in his arms with every kiss we share and every touch we cannot deny the questions that persist in my mind are but the same every time. oh, if I only knew what are his feelings on this?… Continue reading I sit, I wonder, and sometimes I ponder.